Friday, 1 August 2014

'In Ghostly Japan' Daniel Truscott

For too many months to count all of us at Lump have been eagerly watching Daniel Truscott (Dan), our Lump Master of Paint work on sculptural pieces and paintings for an upcoming solo exhibition titled ‘In Ghostly Japan’. Finally last week the very stunning exhibition opened at Lesley Kehoe Galleries in the famous 101 Collins Street Building.

The exhibition opening coincided with Melbourne’s Nite Art event, a “choose your own adventure” presentation of art in various locations in the city. The event focuses on creating an avenue to find your own way of connecting with artists, their art and the venues that host them.

With 40 sites and over 80 artists participating, Nite Art emphasises Melbourne’s cultural assets and interested parties can explore the city via commercial galleries, artist run spaces, museums and unusual or famous architectural sites.

Since this was the special opening night for ‘In Ghostly Japan’ all of the Lump crew and friends gathered at Lesley Kehoe Galleries to see Dan’s collection of work and needless to say it exceeded all of our expectations.

We were all aware that Dan was preparing for a solo exhibition and we had all seen some of his work in progress at different stages. But as we all observed the full body of work on display, each and every one of us felt an overwhelming feeling of admiration and a deep realisation of the shear volume of work and the enormous amount of time and effort that Dan has invested in this collection.

Dan is a self-taught painter and largely concentrates on painting with oils. Much of his work is described as “realism”, but not in the traditional style. Dan’s expression of “realism” mostly tells a story or comments on popular culture through the depiction of objects, usually highly recognisable toys.

In the case of ‘In Ghostly Japan’ Dan continues a long-term investigation into Japan and its spiritual culture, myths and symbols and explores his fascination with the seductive world of Japanese ghosts. The work also takes reference from Dan’s own dark side further evolving his “exploration of the ‘spectre’, literal and metaphorical (the spectre of financial doom)" first introduced in the exhibition 'To Die For' in 2012.

Painted in his style described as “realism”, Dans Kokeshi dolls look as perfect as a still life should. But this time, as in previous exhibitions Dan has extended his mastery of still life and painted some of the works for ‘In Ghostly Japan’ referencing his own sculptural incarnations of the Japanese ghosts.

Alongside perfectly referenced imagined images, the sculptures and still life works display seamlessly as tribute to Dan’s extended research on the topic of Japanese culture, myths and ghosts. All wrapped up as a beautiful solo exhibition also tribute to many, many months of effort, hard work and determination.

From all of us at Lump, congratulations on a brilliant exhibition Dan! You can still see ‘In Ghostly Japan’ at Lesley Kehoe Galleries until the 9th of August.

If you happen to have missed the great event of Nite Art make sure to put it as a must see in your diary for next year.

Daniel Truscott

Daniel Truscott

Daniel Truscott

Daniel Truscott

Daniel Truscott

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