Friday, 2 October 2015

Push Pull Screens - Thinking outside the square.

At Lump we have a huge catalog of screens to choose from. And we are really great at thinking outside the square and using our creativity to customise our designs so that they are perfectly tailored to your project.

This project for example features mini louvers or 3D elements that open forward facing, protecting the building from the harsh north sun and the setting sun in the west providing both shelter and privacy.

Push Pull Screens

Due to the unusual sizing of the windows, every panel used in the façade is an individually designed pattern and size; this is not something that was simply replicated from a cookie cutter design. And this is what gives the finished façade its naturally random appearance.

Custom Laser Cut Screens

Aesthetically it is one thing to clad the façade of a building, but the functionality of the cladding is absolutely key to its success.

Laser Cut Screens

Custom Metal Screens

Find out more about Lump Push Pull Panels and Screens here

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