Thursday, 22 March 2012

Corten Steel Cladding

At Lump we have our patented design INTERCLAD which as the name suggests is an interlocking cladding system. But we also measure, design and fabricate all kinds of Corten steel cladding and walls.

Corten Cladding

This is one of our recent projects in a private garden. What is great about this system is that although the Corten steel cladding is its own structure, it is essentially cosmetic. Meaning the actual retaining wall can simply be made with treated pine and galvanised steel. Eliminating the need for rendering brick walls filled with rio and concrete, although we can clad those too.

Firstly, the retaining wall is made from treated pine and galvanised steel.

Corten Cladding preperation

Next, Lump makes a visit to the site to measure the walls and consult with the owner on the desired outcome. The measurements are taken back to Lump Studio HQ and developed into scale drawings.

Lump sculpture Studio

We then use those scale drawings to nut out and plan the fabrication of the Corten Steel cladding system inside our studio. Once the cladding system is fabricated we take it outside and accelerate the rusting process. Finally we have a pre rusted Corten steel cladding skin, this is loaded up and taken to site where the fabrication and fitting is completed during installation.

Corten Cladding installation

Lump Corten Steel Cladding

Corten Cladding Lump Studio

Lump Corten Steel Cladding

Another Lump Corten Steel Cladding wall

Corten Cladding

Lump Cladding

Steel Cladding

Corten Steel Cladding Lump studio


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