About Lump

At its essence Lump Sculpture Studio is a place where art is essential to the lives of the people who work there, a place where art provides a living, a sense of purpose and an opportunity to keep discovering.

This blog is very obviously about Lump Sculpture Studio. But what is not very obvious is what Lump Sculpture Studio is about. So here I am to fill you in about Lump and Us. And by Us I usually mean Chris (founder of Lump) and I (Timothea) but Lump is bigger than just us two now. Much Bigger. Not only do we now have two little Lumps, but we have been joined by an incredible crew that make Lump what it is today. While writing this blog I hope to introduce to you all the amazing people that make up the Lump team, as well as showing you little insights into how we make things at Lump and all things Lump that we like.
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