Thursday, 22 September 2011

Design your own. Help us help you.

At Lump we are commissioned to design and build original one off pieces. And we love this, it's exciting, innovative and challenging. We love nothing more than to take the smallest detail and develop it into a huge, wonderful installation. But like us, you may have an idea of your own, a very definite idea in fact of what you would like to see as a finished piece. Sometimes though, it can be a little difficult to articulate exactly what you can see in your mind's eye. To help us bring to life what you see in your mind, here are a few handy hints to help you help us understand your ideas clearly, avoiding confusion, irrelevant designs, time delays and costly re-briefing and re-drawing sessions.

Provide as much information as possible, a detailed description of what you envisage. Where is the piece going to go?  Can you provide measurements? What materials will be used?  How do you visualise the finish, will the finish effect surrounding surfaces?  How do you want the design to flow, left to right, up or down? Provide photos of the area. Provide drawings, even if you think your stick figures don't even look like stick figures, we can interpret your drawings.

And by all means, if you haven't a clue what it is you want, you just know you want something, talk to us at Lump, because we can help you design something for that.

Grape vine design hand cut into a beautiful copper Light Feature Panel with a natural patina finish.

Light Feature Panel

Custom sized Leaf Skeleton Sculptures and Tree Screens commissioned by Kador Group.  Beautiful images by Little Red Photography.

Corten Sculpture

Corten Sculpture

Corten Sculpture

3D Feature Panel Sahara and Corten Streel Cladding with a natural rusted finish commissioned by Georgia Harper.

Corten Cladding

Corten Cladding

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