At Lump, although we use computer programs, machines and power tools to make our work, all of our pieces begin their lives as simple sketches. That's right, the old pencil and paper trick. But more often than not these sketches are only ever seen by Chris and myself before they are transformed. Two weeks ago I was back in the studio hanging with our mate and fellow Lumpian Daniel Truscott. Dan has been busy producing works for an upcoming group exhibition at Blackartprojects. The show "100" will display works from a variety of artists including the very popular Ghostpatrol + Miso and will aim to get visitors talking about the importance of drawing in contemporary art practice.  Don't expect to see simple drawings hanging in the Blackartprojects gallery though, the artists in this exhibition are not bound to use conventional media to produce their work. 100 opens on the 4th of November at Langford 120.

Tim's 'Grassy paddock'

Lump sculpture

Daniel Truscott 'Facing your demons'

Daniel Truscott

Daniel Truscott 'Fools! I'll destroy them all!'

Daniel Truscott

Daniel Truscott 'The imposter'

Daniel Truscott

Daniel Truscott 'Killer instinct perspective'

Daniel Truscott


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