Lump sum 2011

For us 2011 really has been an extraordinary year. You could say it has been one of the busiest and most demanding years so far in the Lump history. We have navigated through steep, steep learning curves while commissioning new machinery, tooling, materials - you name it. We have learnt how to let go of responsibilities that were long overdue to be filled by a more qualified person, our work has expanded and has been exciting and varied within our niche.  And also, we have completed some big, stand out, incredible projects. But most precious of all we celebrated the arrival of our newest and littlest Lump. It's pretty obvious that it has taken a long hard slog to get Lump where it is today. But what is not obvious is how many people have been involved in the journey. To all of those people, our Lump family, we are indebted and we cant wait to see what kind of crazy we can all drum up in 2012, bring it on! Happy New Year everyone!

Just some of the Lump highlights from 2011


Corten Steel Light feature

Design Ex

Lump Sculpture

MIFGS - Georgia Harper

3D feature Panel

MIFGS - Rolling Stone Landscapes

Stainless Steel Bowl

MIFGS - Fleming's Nursery

Corten Steel Screens


Corten Steel Cladding

Fire Ring

Corten Steel Sculpture

Bamboo Light Feature Panels

Corten Steel Light Feature


Corten Steel Sculpture


Lump Sculpture

Little Lumps

Lump Sculpture Studio


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