MIFGS 2012

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show opened yesterday. This is the 17th year for the popular event and the 10th year that Lump Sculpture Studio has joined in the show. This year you can see some of Lump's Corten Steel sculptures proudly displayed in the fantastic garden designed and constructed by Fleming's Nurseries. Looking back at the beginning, the very first offering Lump made to MIFGS was a handmade set of outdoor furniture. This was followed by a delicate slumped glass and stainless steel hand crafted water feature and then an incredibly stunning Ice Tile Back Lit Wall the following year. We have designed, developed and constructed outdoor displays dedicated to showcasing Lump's own signature designs. We have handmade small versions of our sculptures that were awarded to students as prizes. And we have contributed to outstanding gardens designed and constructed by exceptionally talented crews. We have enjoyed the parties and the pubs, we have won medals and then not and we have been warmly welcomed by the Australian Horticulture Industry and its members even though at Lump we are not horticulturalists. MIFGS is a great event whatever side of the garden you are standing on, make sure you get a chance to go and don't forget to visit the Fleming's Garden to see Lump. MIFGS is on from Wednesday 28th of March to Sunday the 1st of April.

The first time

Lump at MIFGS

And then

Lump sculpture Studio Water Features

Followed by

Lump Back Lit wall

And then

Light Features


Corten Steel Light Features


Corten Steel Screens and Sculpture


Corten Steel sculpture

Corten steel and Stainless Sculpture

Lump Corten Steel Screens

Lump sculpture Studio

3D Feature Panels

Stainless steel Bowl

Corten Steel Screens


  1. Very impressive indeed. Your fabrication is beautiful.
    A great combination of color and material.
    The laser cutting flower fabrication is awesome.
    Look forward to seeing more of your works.


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