Little Forest Series

Just Last week I spent the day in the studio making a windswept tree from our Little Forest series. This particular tree has been by far the most popular little tree in the series. Each Little Tree is custom made to size with the largest version standing approximately 1100mm tall and the smallest approximately 250mm tall. Each little tree is unique and painstakingly welded together piece by piece, each little branch following one after the other until the tree is completed. The trees can be finished in just about any colour but at Lump we are total suckers for our Corten Steel tree with a Copper Plated finish. The tree is actually made from Corten Steel and then coated with real copper and treated so it develops a real patina. This finish is unique, beautiful and delicate just like the sculpture and the nature it depicts.

Windswept Tree Corten Steel, copper plated with a natural patina
Lump Sculpture Studio

Large Windswept Tree. Corten Steel, copper plated with a natural patina

Lump Little Tree Sculpture


Corten Steel Tree

And then

Corten Steel Little Tree Sculpture


Lump Sculpture Corten Steel Tree


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