Stainless Steel Tipped Sphere Sculpture

Recently we completed a project with Steve Taylor from Creative Outdoor Solutions. Steve incorporated two pieces from Lump Sculpture Studio in his super luxurious and modern landscape design. Firstly he placed one of our brand new Stainless Steel Tipped Sphere Sculptures as a focal point next to the pool. Lump's new Stainless Steel Tipped Sphere Sculpture is in the same fashion as the original natural rusted Corten Steel Sphere Sculpture although each individual segment made from Corten Steel has an added tip of polished stainless steel. Steve also used Lump's 3D Feature Panel in the Sahara design as a backing for a large scale water Feature and placed a Corten Steel Fire Bowl in a section of the landscape that if framed perfectly by a large window. This is an absolutely stunning project and the images taken by Tim Turner are spectacular. A big thank you to Steve and Creative Outdoor Solutions.

Shere Sculpture

Lump 3D Feature Panel

Corten Steel Fire Bowl

Lump Sculpture Studio Sphere Sculpture

Steve Taylor Creative Outdoor solutions


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