Day out at McClelland Sculpture Park

One thing that is great about sculpture parks is that they are great places for young children to engage with art and culture without the worry of the tight confines that sometimes come with a gallery situation. That is not to say that our Little Lumps are uncontrollable, of course not. But it is to say that it is nice to go out and enjoy a little art and sculpture culture without freaking out every five minutes that something is going to get bumped off its plinth. A little while ago, Chris and I look the Little Lumps to the McClelland Sculpture Park. This was a cruisey, pick nick perfect Sunday. I guess there really isn't much more to say other than WE LOVED IT. And kudos to the McClelland Sculpture Park for not sticking to one particular style or theme, the park is truly a celebration of all types of Australian sculpture. Rather than write an essay on the park and all its sculptures, I'm just going to let our happy snaps do the talking.

McClelland Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park

McClelland sculpture


Sculpture Park Langwarrin

Outdoor Sculpture

Sculpture Outdoors

Outdoor Sculpture Park Langwarrin


McClelland Sculpture Park Langwarrin

McClelland Sculpture

sculpture Park


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