The Fire Ring

One of Lump's favourite private commissions is the Fire Ring. Originally designed as a free standing sculpture consisting of three main components. The outer ring, the inner ring and the ethanol fire burner. Standing approximately 2.4 meters tall the outer ring is made from arched Corten steel segments with a natural rusted finish, these segments are welded together to make one large outer skin. The inner ring is constructed from convex stainless steel segments that are welded together to create an interior surface that is also fitted and welded to the outer skin making one solid structure. Fitted inside the base of the Fire Ring Sculpture is an ethanol fire burner. When lit, the stainless steel reflects the light of the flame illuminating the surface of the inner ring and the internal space within the sculpture.

The Fire Sculpture in Raw Steel just before rusting.

Corten Steel Sculpture

Ethanol Fire Burner fitted into the base of the Fire Ring

Sculpture Melbourne

Fire Ring Sculpture in Raw Steel just before rusting

Fire Ring Sculpture

Corten Steel Fire Ring Sculture

Fire Ring Sculpture illuminated

Corten Steel Sculpture


  1. I love this.
    It does double as a portal into other galaxies doesn't it?!


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