Rolling Stone Dural Project

Just yesterday our friends at Rolling Stone Landscapes sent us these beautiful images of a very grand project indeed. Initially the building was designed by Urban Harmony and constructed by Denton Homes. Rolling Stone Landscapes designed and constructed the landscape of which there is a massive five acres surrounding the home including an internal private courtyard and even a dam. It took approximately 18 months for the crew to transform the five acres into this incredible picture perfect scene and we are stoked that Rolling Stone included some custom made Lump pieces in their design. The resort style pool built by Splish Splash Pools features three Lump Stainless Steel bowls with a rolled lip all converted into water features that run off the pool water. And our favorite, greeting you at the entrance of the building is a massive custom designed Lump Light Feature Tower made from stainless steel using Lump's Square Space series screen design. Thank you to Danny Kildare for the amazing photos and congratulations to the Rolling Stone crew and everyone involved!
Lump Light Feature Tower
Lump Stainless Steel Dish
Lump Water Feature
Lump Stainless dish with rolled lip
Rolling Stone Dural Project
Rolling Stone Landscapes
Rolling Stone Dural
Lump features in Rolling Stone Landscapes Dural Project
Rolling Stone Landscapes


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