Stonehill sculpture - The making of

The Stonehill Sculpture was commissioned by CPG Global on behalf of Metricon as an entrance piece to a new estate in Bacchus Marsh. Chris and I took the Little Lumps on a Sunday drive out to Bacchus Marsh to go through the brief and take a look at the lay of the land. While checking out the area we found one constant element, rocks. The brief requested a sculpture that would act as a viewing portal to visitors and prospective buyers. And also specified that the sculpture could possibly be moved to a new location when the estate was further developed. Chris designed a sculpture that reflects the most common shape of the volcanic rocks that blanket the area and surrounding suburbs. The sculpture stands approximately 3m tall and is made from Corten steel with a natural rusted finish. And this is how it came together.

The internal structure is completed

Steel Sculpture

And the skin is fitted

Corten Steel Sculpture

The edges get cleaned up

Sculpture Melbourne

Moved out for rusting

Lump Sculpture Studio

The site

Installing Sculpture

The dig

The installation

Australian Sculpture

Rusted Sculpture


Outdoor Sculpture

Corten Steel Sculpture Melbourne 

Lump Sculpture


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