Tall Pods travel to China

As a designer or artist it's not every day you get a big commission from China.  And especially in today's game, when importing is so popular, it's not every day you are asked to EXPORT Australian designed and manufactured goods TO China. But at Lump we are very proud that day has come. Just recently a family set of 10 custom sized Lump Tall Pod Sculptures left our shores destined for permanent display in a very prestigious hotel in Shanghai, China. Not that we don't want to share, but for now we are keeping all intimate details of the project to ourselves.  But, what we will share, is that this opportunity did not come around without help.  A very creative arts research and consultation team whose primary role is to provide artworks for private and commercial installations initiated the project. And from there, the Tall Pods blossomed into the international art world. We are absolutely thrilled to be part of a diverse scale of works collected by the creative team. And so, so excited to now have a little bit of Lump in Shanghai.  Here are some photos of how the Tall Pods were made bound for China.

Lump Sculpture Studio

Tall Pod Sculpture

Sculpture Studio

Steel Sculpture

Corten Steel Sculpture

Steel Sculpture Melbourne

Lump Sculpture

Sculpture Studio

Rusted Steel Sculpture

Melbounre Sculpture

Lump Sculpture Studio Melbourne

Outdoor Art

Lump Tall Pod Sculptures

Tall Pods Travel


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