Friday, 4 January 2013

Lump sentiMETAL moment - with Hermy

In keeping with our holiday spirit, lets share another sentimental moment. I asked 4 questions to all of the Lumpians about what projects they were sentiMETAL about this year and here is what Hermy, our brand new Lump team member had to say.   

What is your most sentiMETAL job you have worked on this year? My very first project at Lump, a custom sized ‘Menagerie’ screen.  

Why is it your favorite? It was my first job on my first day of working at Lump. And I love the Menagerie artwork, but it took me ages, the file kept ghosting Troy and Debbie in the network and I confused myself a million times.  But in the end it worked well and looked amazing and I was able to learn a stack of valuable processes through out the project.  

What special part did you play in the project? Programming Timothea’s design to fit in the Clients dimensional requirements  

What was the most memorable thing about the project? ConfidenceQuickly followed by utter confusion, then momentary elation into silent periods of mind numbing anarchy.  Until I realised I knew what I was doing and then relief when it all worked.

Corten Screens

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