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If you know what a “Blockhead” is then you probably also know that the “Blockheads” use an enormous variety of products and materials through out their renovations on Channel 9’s exciting series The Block.

Last year Dale and Sophie chose to use our very own Hippo Skin Light Feature panel in their winning back yard design.

Now, The Block has opened an online shop, The Block Shop. And here you can find all the products you love that have been used by Blockheads of the past and present. Including our Lump Hippo Skin Light Feature Panel and a small sample of some more Lump pieces that we think all Blockheads and Block lovers alike would love to shop for. So get
online and check it out here.

Lumps Hippo Skin Light Feature Panel

Lump Light Feature Panel

Lump Ink Blot Screen

Metal Screen

Lump Nouveau Mirror

Outdoor Mirror

Lump 3D Feature Panel Amoeba

3D Outdoor Panel

Lump Light Feature Panel Kangaroo Paw

Lump Light Feature Panel



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