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Established in 1994, AILDM (Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers) is Australia's leading association of qualified landscape design and management professionals.

Members of AILDM work closely with TAFE colleges to foster the next generation of landscape designers, and offer support to professional and student members alike with industry networking opportunities, advice and mentoring, business marketing and development strategies and further development of technical skills.

This year the AILDM team displayed for the first time at MIFGS a show garden staging the concept of a "Shiftable" garden. Place. Grow. Shift.  Through the duration of the show the AILDM team reused the same space, landscaping materials and plants to display four different garden designs that were literally deconstructed and constructed before the eyes of the show-goers.

Steel Planter Boxes

The lovely members of AILDM contacted our Lump crew to see if we would be interested in helping out with the “Shiftable” project and we were happy to oblige. The design brief called for a number of modular stackable planter cylinders. The cylinders were made of steel with a painted finish and were used as regular planters and also as sculptural objects during the different phases of the garden.

Steel Planter Cylinders

Place.Grow.Shift. is a sustainable garden, reusing everything to make something new. The integral design is smart with carefully considered structural elements and plants. Each component fits together effortlessly with the opportunity to invent a new space time and time again. Perfect for a non-permanent solution, limited space or for those who simply love change.

Custom Planter Cylinders

 Congratulation to the entire AILDM team on a great concept, great gardens and a great show.

 Images courtesy of Little Red Photography.

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