"The Muse" at MIFGS

The MIFGS story continues on the Lump blog and this week we take a look at “The Muse” created by Peta Donaldson of Natural Design.

Taking home a Silver medal this year, Peta teamed up with Sceam Constructions to build the award winning design. Last year Peta had a big win, “Best Urban Garden” at the Australian Garden Show in Sydney last year, in which she featured our Lump Push Pull Panel. So we were pretty stoked to have Peta participating in at MIFGS in such a big way this year displaying our new “Cube” Sculpture in “The Muse”.

Corten Steel Sculpture

The Cube sculpture is made from Corten steel with a natural rusted finish standing 1300mm x 1300mm and featured proudly in the foreground of Peta’s garden. Tranquil, relaxing and modern were just some of the comments we heard from the show goers when they ooo’d and ahhh’d at “The Muse”. I even heard Peta say on occasion while talking to passers by that it was indeed designed as a space to clear the mind and have a moment of peace.

Rusted Steel Sculpture

We had an awful great laugh at experimenting with brass finishes to surround the ethanol fire burner set into the outdoor room in the garden. And there was a beautiful contrast of silvery grey and bright green foliage up against the deep black of the charred wooden cladding used to finish the structure. This charred finish, was actually that. Burnt. Enlisting new life into the wood through protection from rot and insects. Amazing.

Modern Steel Sculpture

Congratulations to Peta and all of the team that contributed to “The Muse” we had a great time and look forward to more fun and more shows in the future.

Melbourne Sculpture


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