Landscaping Victoria at MIFGS 2014

While the rain sets in and Landscapers and designers alike are setting out for warmer pastures, we still have one last garden to share from this years MIFGS.

For the first time in years the Landscaping Victoria members came together to make a the “Healthy Green Living” stand for the 2014 show.

Designed by Phillip Johnson Landscapes and Constructed by Esjay Landscapes the stand displayed the possible evolution from a concrete jungle- and it's negative health effects- to green oasis. It included natural streams that were of course chemical free, native plants and grasses, rainwater harvesting and herb gardens.

Lump Sculpture Studio was fortunate to display an impressive spread of Hippo Round Push Pull panels on the rear wall of the display, an incredible combination with the gigantic flowers of the Banksia Serrata in front.

Supported by Plantmark, Lump Sculpture Studio, Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia and Hanson, Landscaping Victoria was incredibly excited to bring this to the public. And I have to say the public were pretty impressed with it too!

Corten Steel Screen

Corten Steel Screen

Corten Steel Screen


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