Friday, 30 May 2014

Pendant light Collingwood

A little while ago now we installed a brand new piece designed by Chris from Lump Sculpture Studio. This particular piece was a custom designed pendant light.

Interior designer Patricia La Torre came to Lump needing something exceptional to fill a very tall void. Working closely with Patricia, Chris designed a pendant light using aluminum and stainless steel.

The piece was thoroughly researched and developed using 3D modeling before the process of fully fabricating a working piece began. The Pendant is 800mm in diameter and drops a massive 7 meters into the void. Incorporating both engravings and delicately cut out designs the pendant is finished with a white gloss powder coat and fitted with LED lighting.

As you can imagine, installation of this pendant was tricky, needing a mini crane and then later ladders and harnesses to complete the installation.

These beautiful images by Tim Turner display how the 6 individual sections of the pendant add a sculptural element that can be viewed from each level of the residence as it drops 7 meters through the void.

Pendant Light

Steel Pendant Light

Custom Pendant Light

Custom Steel Pendant Light

Pendant Light

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