Friday, 23 May 2014

The Bird Cage Pendant Light

At Lump we often are presented with the opportunity to work with some great designers. And in the case of the Bird Cage Pendant Light this was one of those occasions.

We were commissioned by Emily Unger to produce her vision of The Bird Cage Pendant Light. Emily came to Lump with her ideas, sketches and designs of a Pendant she imagined would hang in the Foyer of The Dominion building on Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne.

Our job was to work hand in hand with Emily, to take her design to the next stage in preparation for fabrication and to fabricate the piece and make it work. We had already been working on some screening solutions for a private garden within The Dominion with Michael from Profile Building, so we were familiar with the Foyer and chuffed at the opportunity to create the entrance piece.

This particular pendant is quite different from the pieces that make up Lumps main body of work. But with some creative fabrication, engineering know how and our experience in creating original works form scratch we nailed it.

Michael and his team from Profile Building took magnificent care of the professional installation of the pendants. And as you can see from the images from Little Red Photography Emily Unger’s vision came to life just beautifully.

Steel Pendant Light

Custom Pendant Light

Custom Steel Pendant Light

Pendant Light Steel

Custom Pendant Light

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