Peta Donaldson wins Silver at The Australian Garden Show

Having taken out a Silver Medal and Best Urban Garden for “The Terrace” at last years Australian Garden Show and a Silver Medal for her Show Garden “The Muse” earlier this year at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show, Peta Donaldson from Natural Design has again been awarded a Silver Medal for her Inspirational Show Garden “The Pavilion” at the very recently held Australian Garden Show in NSW.

Peta designed “The Pavilion” taking inspiration from minimalist architecture and created a beautiful modern space primarily focused on social engagement and functionality. To us at Lump, “The Pavilion” is like stepping back in time and jumping into a minimalist retro heaven.

Sculpture Outdoor
 Image courtesy of Alexander Mayes & Natural Design

Spending ten months meticulously planning the show garden Peta approached Lump in the early stages to make a sculpture that would act as a focal point on the perfect lawn. As usual we jumped at the chance and Chris set to work designing the “Tricycle”.

The “Tricycle” standing 1500 x 1500 x 1500mm is made from aluminium with a white powder coated finish. The sculpture was derived from inspiration and exploration of minimalist sculpture trends in the 1960’s and was created specifically to align with Peta’s overall garden design.

Outdoor Sculpture
 Image courtesy of Joslin Hartley & Natural Design

Peta also selected Lump’s 3D Feature panels in the Fish Scale design to clad the rear wall of “The Pavilion” creating an interesting and textural backdrop to the perfect entertaining area.

Lump Sculpture Studio
 Image courtesy of Alexander Mayes & Natural Design

Although the show garden appears pristine, calm and perfect, it seems that set up for Peta and her team was not exactly easy, to say the least “We constructed the garden in torrential rain and 100 kilometre winds at Centennial Park” Peta said.

Outdoor Sculpture
Image courtesy of  Natural Design

The weather may have presented some pretty decent obstacles through construction but Peta and her team managed to pull off an absolutely beautiful garden and to top it all off with a Silver Medal is yet another incredible result. Congratulations Peta, it seems you’re a natural!


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