Why do we LOVE Corten steel so much at Lump?

At Lump we LOVE Corten steel so much because first and foremost it makes our timeless pieces well, timeless.

Like everybody, we love the warm natural appearance of rust. And lets face it; the varying tones of yellow, red, brown and sometimes purple ochre go with everything and accentuate just about any other colour in close proximity.

Lump Push Pull Corten Screening

Unlike mild steel, Corten steel it will not rust through when left out in the elements and in fact, a protective layer forms on the surface of the steel after it has been exposed to poor weather.

This protective layer acts as a barrier and helps to prevent the steel from rusting through and creating holes.

Corten Steel Interclad Cladding System

What’s more amazing is that the surface continually regenerates itself each time it is subjected to poor weather creating its own protective coating and our lovely, remarkable rusted finish. Awesome.

Corten Steel Sculpture

Cool things we know about working with Corten Steel....

Corten Steel is double the tensile strength of mild steel.

It WILL leach a rust stain onto surrounding surfaces when exposed to poor weather.

There is NO way to seal off the rust or avoid the rust stains leaching onto surrounding surfaces.

The colour and surface will change depending on the elements it is exposed to.

Corten Steel Sculpture

At Lump we make all kinds of fabulous things from 1.6mm –and 3mm thick sheets as well as large over size sheets and 6mm plate.

Safe structural welding requires super special imported, BHP specified, low carbon-welding wire.

Special welding techniques are needed to ensure welding spots corrode at the same rate as the steel.

Corten Steel Sculpture

A more uniform rusted finish is achieved if the steel is sandblasted before rusting. The rusted finish is also achieved faster with sandblasting prior to rusting.

Richard Serra rocked the world with his sculpture and use of Corten Steel; he is bulk ace.


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