PNG Project

Lump has been lucky enough to be working on a project for our neighbor to the north Papua New Guinea. The project is part of a redevelopment of the Garamut Port area of Port Moresby. Lump was approached by the Sydney based architecture firm Cullen Feng who are managing the contract for the redevelopment, to create a piece which would stand on the end of the Port as a center piece. Jon Cullen director of Cullen Feng architecture gave us words like “enigmatic” and “elegant” for the brief.
We wanted to create a piece that represents us and is something we can be proud of, but more importantly represents the site. We've worked very closely with Cullen Feng to design a totem like figure to stand on the water’s edge, between two new buildings designed by Cullen Feng. 
The final design which was chosen for construction is a 7.2m abstracted figure made from over 150 Corten steel panels  of different shapes and sizes. The pieces are set on different angles to create a shape that looks somewhat like a figure but maintains its rigid, abstract form. This look and feel is similar to the nature of our ‘Shard planters’ whose shape is made to look somewhere in between a normal planter and natural geological form.

The piece has been an exciting project to work on and even though most of our work is completed it still has a journey to make all the way to Port Moresby for installation. Our last big challenge is fitting it into a shipping container!
By Seb Cotton, Graphic Designer.


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